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Help Homeless Keiki

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp

Aloha and Welcome to life changing journey our summer provides to these amazing keiki.

As a sponsor you are taking an active role in these changes more than you can imagine.

Project Hawai'i, Inc is a resource to which the children can turn in their time of need, and this summer camp provides guidance and encouragement in developing successful life skills.

Providing them a caring environment along with a larger community that cares about their well-being will allow them to grow with a greater self worth. Our camp t-shirts are one of the foundations of this "belonging to a larger community".  

Our summer camp structure provides stability and continuity in a safe and serene location that allows them to forget their worries (if even just for a short while). Our activities, field trips and workshops expose our keiki to experiences and island wonders that lead to greater self-determination. As a whole our programs are designed to instill confidence and build self esteem.

As a sponsor, any choice you make puts them on the path to success. 

Our IRS non profit letter
Project Hawaii Summer Camp - 2018 - FINAL (1)

Project Hawaii Summer Camp - 2018 - FINAL (1)

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Camp Budget 2024
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help homeless children in hawaii
give to Project Hawai’i, Inc. help homeless keiki
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HPE Drive to Success Donation to Project Hawai’i, Inc.
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donate to Project Hawai’i, Inc.
anthology gives to Project Hawai’i, Inc.
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giving back to charity Project Hawai’i, Inc.

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