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Company T-Shirt Sponsorship

Mahalo for allowing our campers to become your walking billboards this year.
Your donation provides them the self esteem and feeling of worth. Be the path to their success.
We print 1,000 shirts for our keiki, teen mentors and volunteer staff and wear them daily for all events across the islands. 
Limited space to 6 companies per shirt for larger logo display.
These t-shirt represent so much more than one can imagine.
The first is obvious,... to wake up to a clean shirt, The second is to give them a sense of belonging to a larger community that cares, and lastly provides them a sense of pride. They wear these shirts all over the place, To school, church, to play. We see them year round on social media posts, etc.
$850. for full sponsorship and logo on our t-shirts.
$249. for name listed along the bottom of our t-shirts.
All $850 sponsorships will have their website, link and bio on our website along with social media shoutouts and tags. $249. sponsors will have social media shoutouts and tags. We are printing 1,000 shirts for our campers, volunteers, camp staff, interns and teen mentors.

After submitting your form, please email us with YOUR LOGO in photo ready options. Send your links for social media and website.  Please consider sending your donation via CHECK  to save our fees.
Project Hawai’i, Inc. P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749 
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Sale $650 until
May 30th
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