Mahalo for allowing our campers to become your walking billboards this year.
This is the SIMPLE phone easy donation form. If you would like all the details click here.
$650. for full sponsorship and logo on our t-shirts.
$249. for name listed along the bottom of our t-shirts.
All $650 sponsorships will have their website, link and bio on our website along with social media shoutouts and tags. $249. sponsors will have social media shoutouts and tags. We are printing 1,000 shirts for our campers, volunteers, camp staff, interns and teen mentors
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Please note: We are only seeking those to participate in this program for the sake of the children and from the heart. If you feel you will need something in return, or plan to use our program as a stepping stone to your betterment, we are not interested in participating in your idea of "volunteering"

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