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Project Hawaii Educational Summer Camp

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp

Welcome to Kamp Kalopa "Edu-Camp" (Project Hawai'i Summer Camp). Our sleepover camp is designed to allow the children to live in a very serene retreat style environment for a week. Away from their worries and hardships at home. Our camp is complete with well equipped cabins , huge multi-purpose room, kitchen, large outdoor pavilions all located in the middle of a 52 acre Natural State Reserve in Honoka’a area.

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp provides the keiki with their living needs complete from their sleeping bags, hygiene and nutritious meals. The keiki are also given camp outfits, shoes and other needs to assure their hearts are filled with the aloha we offer, and the opportunity to enjoy their newfound self-esteem.

We have volunteer opportunities open for those who would like to help with the daily running of camp in various aspects including kitchen help, cabin supervision, project implementing, teen supervision, or whatever your heart wishes to contribute.

We run 100% volunteers!!

We also offer plenty of ways to sponsor a child to assure that our camp continues to run free of charge and for many years to come.

You can be a part of Project Hawai'i Summer Camp


All Donations Welcome!! & Tax Deductible!!

We Hold Their Hearts in Our Hands But YOU Can Change Their World!


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Project Hawai'i Summer Camp


Ready, Set, Edu-Camp....

You can choose to make the difference by volunteering, sponsoring, or becoming a "Share Your Talent" guest. We are so excited to have you join our summer camp for homeless keiki!!

Share YOUR Talent Guests


Project Hawai'i Summer Camp routine allows for outside guests to come during the day between 9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00 to perform a project or share their talent with our group.   We work with the guests schedule and then create the rest of the day around that schedule.

Sample of Past Guests


*Science Day






*Healthy Eating




Guests can utilize the large indoor multi-purpose room with or without tables/chairs, or use the outdoor pavilion complete with picnic style tables, or the large lawn area to conduct their program. We do require guests to provide at least 90 minutes of programming, and arrive early for set up requirement timing.

Share Your Talent Guests will also be required to provide a HEALTHY SNACK and Individual drink (either a juice box or a milk). Service for 40


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Help Homeless Keiki

Full or Part-Time General Volunteers:

Full or Part-Time General Volunteers:

We invite volunteers to help with the various tasks that involves camp life. Volunteers are welcome part time (typically come various hours of the day), or full-time, (attending the camp for a full day or even sleepover)

Volunteers can decide what area they choose to volunteer, or be open to what is needed:

Some areas  at Project Hawai'i Summer Camp include:
   - Kitchen Support (prepare/serve, clean/set up)

   - Nighttime Cabin Support (get children ready for bed, read stories, hygiene routine)

   - Activity Support (help set up, implement projects, general assist)

  -Fundraising/Collection Groups to help with supplies

Email us for openings, and information on how you'd like to make a difference.


Company/Major Camp Sponsorships Needed:

To sponsor a child's entire needs is $3,200.00

Cabin Support Partner:  $5,000.

  • Edu-Camp Insurance/Cabin Rental:  $2,300.

  • Teen Mentor Sponsorship "Tuition":  $2,700.

  • Jr. Leader Sponsorship:  $1,850.

  • Transportation Sponsorship:  $1,850.

  • Educational Activity Sponsorship:  $1,000.

  • One Day of Meals for Camp:  $910.

  • Graduation Day Sponsorship:  $500.


All company sponsors will be placed on our graduation banner, websites, newsletters, and other social media outlets as well.

Please visit our Company Sponsorship page for commitment form.


PLEASE NOTE, if possible, please SEND your donation via check to Project Hawai'i, Inc. at one of our mailing address. So, we have to pay credit card and Paypal Fees!!


Help Homeless Keiki

Help Homeless Keiki

Volunteer with Homeless Keiki

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Individual/Group Sponsorships Needed:

All Donations are welcome, here are some samples to make the difference today:

- Sleeping Bag/Pillow: $30.00

- One Child's Daily Meals/Snack: $18.50

- Child's Hygiene bag/towel: $25.00

We are seeking individuals and groups who wish to help us collect the supplies needed.


Your groups can choose to take on an entire section, a daily menu, or even just a meal. Typically drives should last 3 weeks to assure proper support.

Please email for more details and how to get started.

P.S. some groups find it easier to collect funds, rather than supplies, we can set up a goal chart online to get your started as well.



There are guidelines to sponsor a meal for our summer camp. We adhere to strict requirements, as well as trying to feed the children as healthy as possible. There are several ways to help assure these children have nutritious meals over their summer break.


*OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE ORGANIC/Non-GMO FOODS AS SOON AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. We know that is a bit more expensive, but it is better for our health.


  1. You can choose a pre-approved meal to provide, deliver to camp already prepared or prepare at camp

  2. You can provide the ingredients for a meal or snack and drop off before camp. We will prepare the meal.

  3. You can provide a prepared meal frozen before camp (will need to be delivered to camp, or at our meeting location on the way up to camp.

  4. You can host a menu item drive to collect food/monetary donations towards our summer camp needs

  5. We also need Costco, Target or Walmart Cards to purchase perishable items.

  6. FARMERS/GROWERS. we are happy to accept any produce items

  7. For those who can help organize food/deliveries, or donations, please contact us.

  8. Want to help  get a company to sponsor a meal? Great, we welcome your support too!


Wish to Sponsor a Meal?

Help Homeless Keiki

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You can be a part of Project Hawai'i Summer Camp


All Donations Welcome!! & Tax Deductible!!

We Hold Their Hearts in Our Hands But YOU Can Change Their World!

Little One being picked up for camp.

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Project Hawai'i Summer Camp