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Internship/Practicum Program

Project Hawaii Internship

Our college internship is a residential program designed to allow the participant to be immersed in the programs culture and education from the behind the scenes to supervision and creating programs.

The intern will work side by side with the director and take on various roles and responsibilities through the entire program. Intern will work hands on with the homeless children and teens on a daily basis and must be comfortable with young children.

This internship qualifies for a wide variety of practicum or degree programs, such as social service, teaching, early childhood, social science, political science, child development, health care professions, nutrition, even journalism. Applicants will receive 200 hours of service learning credits and is eligible for the Presidents Award certificate.

BENEFITS: Our multi-award winning program is very unique. We can also tailor the program to meet the requirements of the interns career path. The intern will work with and be mentored by the directors/founders throughout the entire program. Along with this unique experience of learning and knowledge the intern will also benefit on various levels:

  1. Learning through the process of hands on involvement 

  2. Being able to mentor at risk/homeless teens

  3. Leadership Development /Self Discovery

  4. Take on various roles and responsibilities including implementing workshops or activities

  5. Be immersed in the Hawaiian Culture and travel/sight seeing, etc.

  6. Have the inside experience of running and managing a nonprofit, working with volunteers, donors

  7. Marketing and Fundraising events

  8. Develop new skills and opportunity to find your passion

  9. 200 Hour of supervision by experts in the field

  10. 200 Hours of Community Service, or Practical hands on hours

  11. Reference letters and recommendations upon request

  12. Discounted travel benefits of island exploration


TUITION COSTS: $3,600.00 for the two week program. 

This internship is all inclusive and includes all program meals, lodging, workshops, transportation and admission costs, once arriving to the Big Island of Hawai'i/Hilo Airport.

This program DOES NOT INCLUDE: air transportation to/from Hilo International Airport, meals outside the program, spending monies or extra expenses the intern acquires.


  1. Two references from applicants work with children and teens.

  2. Be a self starter and be able to work under stressful situations

  3. Follow instructions and be independent to carry out instructions 

  4. Fill out the full application along with an essay and responsibility expectation review.

  5. Adhere to all rules and regulations

If you are interested in learning more and applying for our internship program for 2022, please fill out the quick form below. 

Our dates for 2022 are: July 5th -19th 

Internship Application

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