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Back to School for Homeless Keiki.. You make the difference.. help them succeed and escape their cycle of poverty

Imagine your child or grandchild the night before school, how excited they are to meet their new friends and show everyone their new fun backpack, their new shoes, and all the fun stuff they have as they walk to their new classroom.  Your children are so excited and full of anticipation for a great school year.

This is not the same for a child living in extreme poverty. Their hearts and minds are filled with fear, with embarrassment and shame. They anticipate their new teacher having to continually remind them to bring a pencil, their gym teacher telling them they can't participate in sports because they don't have shoes, the children teasing them on the playground for not having a clean outfit or school uniform.

YOU CAN SPONSOR A CHILD and assure they walk along the same path of your child. You can be their joy the first day of school. Your sponsorship changing their life's path and gives them to courage to continue their education!! 

Helps send our children to school prepared!!

Our GOAL: $107,800.00
to send 980 homeless children and 186 teens back to school prepared to SUCCEED!
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$126. per Child/ $171. per Teen

School Support Sponsorship Donations:

  • Backpack $25.

  • Basic School Packet $15

  • Hygiene Bag: $12

  • New Outfit: $25 - $50 for Teens

  • New Shoes: $20 - $40 for Teens

  • School Uniform T-Shirt: $7.

  • School P.E. Uniform: $15

  • Sponsor their Graduation Meal: $7.

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