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Project Hawai'i Jr. Leader Program

Celebrating our 9th Year on Big Island
3rd year on Maui

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We welcome you to join our journey with this new program we are introducing to the homeless and poverty stricken children we provide services to. Our jr. leadership program helps these youth learn the proper life and social skills as well as leadership and guidance skills to help them succeed.

Our program is truly unique, as we tailor the program for each child as an individual. We are able to work one on one and create individual goals for success! 

Project Hawai’i, Inc. Jr. Leader Program is designed to allow the children between 10-12 years old graduate from a younger camper to one with more responsibility. This program offers workshops that teach them to take leadership of themselves while helping the younger ones develop their skills. Our jr. leaders are typically those who have been with us since their younger years and have learned the importance of education and learning to follow instructions. 
This age group is one of the most difficult pivots in a child's life. Our children are not raised in a typical environment, often being left behind with the proper social skills and learning to accept more responsibility.
This is the typical age of a homeless child when they
start to drop out of school. 
With proper financial support, this program can grow from being a pilot program to a full-enrollment program. We do have the capacity to enroll 24 jr. leaders per session, and even expand our time with them. 
The cost to sponsor a jr. leader for a week/9 days is $1,850/$2,800. 
We are seeking companies that would like to make a commitment to sponsor this program for another 3 years.


We are so grateful to have had this jr. leader program start off with such a wonderful sponsorship from Heald Packard Enterprise that allowed us to continue to grow into what it is now.

As a leadership program we have been able to expand to add more days which allow for more training, and we are working on introducing an entire week of STEM.

MAUI EXPANSION 2021! We have expanded to Maui with the support of the Shane Victorino Foundation Sponsorship.

SUCCESS:  Some of our jr. leaders are now graduating high school and going on to college! We have a few going into culinary school, one with a basketball scholarship. One just graduated military academy and going to be a firefighter.


Mahalo to HPE for being the start of our program!


Mahalo to Shane Victorino and family for being the start of our program!

Service Learning

Our Jr. Leaders will be learning the value of serving the community and instilling community service into their lives by participating in a wide variety of projects to enhance the camp experience for everyone. 

Jr. Leaders will also receive the presidents award and community service hours they can use towards their educational goals as well. #communityservice #servicelearning #presidentsaward

Cultural Learning

Our Jr. Leaders will be immersed in the Hawaiian Culture and learning traditions passed through generations, including making Lau Lau, Hula and weaving. Planting Taro plants, Gourds and other Hawaiian stables.

We are also implementing a new program to teach how to preserving/canning foods for self sufficiency. 

Teens will also learn to surf, play ukulele, fish and truly learn the life of living Aloha.

Share Your Cultural Lessons ~ Maui

Leadership/Mentoring Workshops

  • Arts as Medicine

  • Accept, Adapt, Achieve

  • Being a Leader Everyday

  • Vision Boards

  • Meditation Skills

Jr. Leaders will attend workshops earning certificates they can use towards educational goals and on their resumes. Workshops will teach them life skills needed to become leaders of themselves and have a healthy mind set to escape their cycle of poverty.

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Host a Workshop ~ Maui

Hawaiian Adventures

Jr. Leaders will have the opportunity to explore the island wonders from volcano hiking, tropical jungle exploration, swimming in waterfalls, snorkeling, surfing, visiting scared lands, and so much more. 

Our adventures open their world that would otherwise be outside their financial opportunities. 

Sponsor a Leader 

Help these children succeed! 

Big Island Program Cost $74,400

Sponsor a Jr. Leader: $1,850.00

Mau'i Program Cost: $97,100.

Sponsor a Jr. Leader: $2,800.00


Allow us to save the PayPal fees and send your donation via check to

Project Hawai’i, Inc.

P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749

Host our Group at Your Adventure ~ Maui
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