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Welcome to Mau'i Jr. Leaders

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Welcome to Mau'i Jr. Leader program. We are so excited to bring this award winning program to the island of Mau'i and help the homeless keiki succeed. Thanks in part to the Shane Victorino Foundation, we are able to expand our services and outreach to the island children year round with a focus on education.

This camp is designed to allow our youth the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment while school is out. Our program will provide an educational and community service based learning program that allows the leaders the opportunity to earn service hours and certificates.

This is an all inclusive camp and will provide each jr. leader with all their needed supplies from basic hygiene, new outfits, all meals and snacks, along with all activities, accommodations and transportation.

Our 9 day program will provide a wide array of leadership and life skills workshops along with cultural activities and island exploration. 

This program was developed 6 years ago as a pilot program on Big Island funded by HPE Drive for Success award. Since then we have seen our jr leaders excel in school, participate in school based sports that have lead to scholarship opportunities and graduation!!

We chose to start with the most vulnerable ages as we expand to Mau'i. This age group has so many life changing challenges and we will be preparing them to become leaders of self and learn how to manage their emotions, fears and doubts as they navigate through their middle school experiences.

We have a wide variety of opportunities open for those who wish to make a difference in the lives of our youth.

Our program is run 100% by volunteers!!

We also offer sponsorship opportunities that will allow our camp to run free of charge for years to come. You make the difference in their lives and change their world. Your investment in their lives now will help shape their future and allow them to escape the cycle of poverty in which they were born.

You can be a part of the Project Hawai’i, Inc. Summer Camp success!

We hold their hearts in our hands, but YOU can change their world!

Full Sponsorship per Jr. Leader is $2,800.


Workshops:  Leadership & Self Development 

Our jr. leaders will be attending workshops throughout their program to help them develop healthy life habits, self care and self confidence.   Each workshop is a 3 hour course and each comes with a certification of completion.

Workshops include:

  • Self Discovery

  • Yoga/Meditation

  • Therapy through Art

  • Accept, Adapt, Achieve

  • Being a Leader of self Everyday


Service Learning ~ 40 Hours toward the Presidents Award

Our Jr. Leaders will be involved with various community service learning programs we provide to teach them to become stewards of their island. Learning to give back and the joy it brings also helps with their self confidence and their self leadership skills. 

Service will include:

  • Marketing Skills

  • Fundraising

  • Planting native Hawaiian Plants

  • Awareness Events

  • Mentoring Children


Hawaiian Adventures ~ Island Exploration

Our Jr. Leaders will be learning social skills, interacting with the community and learning new skills. These adventures are completely out of their financial reach. Jr. Leaders will be exploring the islands wonders and partnering with local companies, groups, clubs to truly open up their world.

Some Activities will Include:

  • Surf Lessons/Stand UP Paddle

  • Snorkel Cruise

  • Zip-Linning

  • Island Tour

Service Learning

Hawaiian Cultural Learning

Our Jr. Leaders will be immersed in the Hawaiian Culture and will learn Hawaiian traditions that were passed down from generations. Learning to keep the traditions alive and live Aloha!

Lessons will Include:

  • Hula/ Mele /Ukulele

  • Making Lau Lau

  • Making Hula Skirts/Ti Leaf Lei

Hula Lessons Project Hawai’i, Inc. .JPG

Ready to make a difference in a young life??

Your company can sponsor a Meal or Activity

Community Support

Community Support

You can invite our group to participate in your companies activities or to have a special treat in your restaurant. You will be listed below with links for your sponsorship on this page as an activity sponsor. When we visit your establishment our group will also do social media shout outs/facebook live, or Instagram, etc. 

These jr leaders have made a dedication to not only change their lives, but help others as well. This is a way to teach them that hard work pays off and giving back has its own rewards. 

Contact us with your sponsorship availability. 

Company T-Shirt Sponsorship

Become a T-Shirt Sponsor and let us be YOUR Walking Billboards all over the island!! Our camp shirts are more than just a clean shirt, it represents something to them on a higher level of belonging, gives them purpose and pride in their lives.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible as we are not a marketing company and these are considered donation sponsorships.

Your LOGO is placed on the back of our shirts, your company name on our website with links and on our social media... not to mention being paraded all over the island for two weeks in June... and when our youth wear them over and over again. We will print 500 t-shirts for our volunteer staff, volunteer team and jr. leaders.


T Shirt

Mail Your Check to 

Project Hawai’i, Inc. 

Attn: Maui Summer Camp T-Shirt

P.O. Box 1844 ~ Kea'au, HI 96749

Email your Black/White Print Ready LOGO, any social media tags 


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