Travel with Purpose

Is your group, club, team, corporate team, youth group traveling to the islands of Hawai'i?

You can make the difference in the lives of our homeless keiki living in extreme poverty.

Project Hawai'i is a nonprofit organization run 100% by volunteers and solely supported by public donations. Our goals are to help the homeless children (keiki) escape their cycle of poverty and succeed along their journey through life. Since we are solely supported by donations, working with groups, clubs, teams, etc is our primary funding source.

Our free summer educational camp provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for young children 3-7, a jr. leader programs from those 10-12, and our teen mentoring program for those enrolled in high school. Our focus is teaching them the basic life and social skills they need to succeed in school, and then provide them with all the tools needed for the new school year.

What we can offer your team, youth group, club, corporate event, etc...

1. a fun interactive project or fundraiser to help us reach our goals and provide your team with a meaningful project

2. a presentation overview of our agency and share stories of success and "real life" these children face

3. provide a fundraising platform that can be shared on social media and or emails. (including ways to get donation match from said companies)

4. provide social media shoutouts and website links

5. travel with purpose and companies who wish to make real world change are the key to our success

6. depending on the time frame your group is here and the time you have to donate, we can provide an interactive time with our homeless keiki at camp

Please let us know the island and dates you are visiting along with your vision

We will respond asap