Project Hawai'i Summer Camp Volunteer Opportunities

Please read over the various volunteer opportunities and contact us with your interest
Big Island Summer Program

Project Hawaii Volunteer

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Edu-Camp hosted at Kalopa State Park in Honoka'a area:
Share YOUR TALENTS days allow the community to spend 3 hours with our children, introducing them to your passion.
Please select the age group you would like to work with in the "message" area of the box below:
  • Children range between 5-7 years with a total of 18 - 24 little one's and a handful of teen mentors to assist.
  • Toddler programs range between 3 & 4 year olds. You will have between 3-6 in that age category. 
Please fill out the form with your information

July 19th  2:00-4:00 p.m.

July 20th  9:00a - 12:00 or 1:00- 4:00

July 21st   9:00a-  12:00 or 1:00- 4:00

July 22nd   9:00a-  12:00 or 1:00- 4:00

July 23rd   9:00a -  12:00 p.m. 

Share Your Talent Dates are July

Click here for open slots/sign up on the form is also okay.....

Summer Camp Lineup so far....

Princess Day
Star Wars Theme Day
Movie Night
Daily Nutritional Educational Workshop
General Camp Help at the Camp:
July 17th - Lunch provider for our Pana'ewa Zoo Field Trip (50 lunches)
July 19th - Lunch provider to meet us in Hilo on our way up to camp (35)
July 19th - Dinner provider to bring us a HOT meal to the camp (40)
July 19th - Transportation to the camp with keiki/teens
July 19th - Camp set up/ help getting cabins ready, etc.
July 19th-23rd Camp help at the cabins, from kitchen support, cabin help, cleaning, helping with activities, etc.
July 23rd - Clean up the camp.
July 29th- Graduation Support TBA
Teen Mentoring Programs:
Volunteers would be working with the teens by providing a workshop, activity or cultural lessons. Times are a little more flexible. 
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JUly 15th, 16th, 18th, 28th

All available in Kea'au

Check for Available Dates/Sign up on link too!!


  2. Food Drives/Sponsors 

  3. Supply Drives

  4. Cabin Supply Drives

  5. Arts/Crafts/Project Drives

  6. Back to School Supplies


O'ahu Adventures Abound Day Camp 
Adventure's Abound Day allows our homeless children to learn social and life skills while attending field trips across the island of O'ahu.
Teen Mentoring Programs:
Volunteers will be providing a workshop, activity or Cultural lesson

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Project Hawai'i Summer Camp