Project Hawaii Teen Mentoring Program

Welcome to our Award Winning Teen Mentoring Program

Aloha, Welcome to our teen mentoring program. This is a 3-fold program, providing community service, mentoring and leadership programs, cultural learning and of course Hawaiian adventures.

We welcome you to join our journey with this award winning program we provide to the homeless and poverty stricken teens. Our Teen Mentoring program helps these youth learn the proper life and social skills as well as leadership and guidance skills to help them succeed, and become leaders of their own choices.

Our program is truly unique, as we tailor the program for each teen as an individual. We are able to work one on one and create individual goals for success! 

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp-Help Homeless Keiki

Project Hawai’i, Inc. Teen Mentoring Program is designed to allow the teens enrolled in High School who have  graduated from a younger camper to one with more responsibility. This program offers workshops that teach them to take leadership of themselves while helping the Jr. Leaders develop their skills. Our teen mentors are typically those who have been with us since they were younger and have learned the importance of education and learning to follow instructions. This is an EARNED PRIVILEGE

Without our programs, most homeless teens are already dropped out of school. They are typically in the justice system, living in unsafe environments and very dysfunctional.

With your sponsorship and support this program can assist our teens to graduate and move on to higher education or sustainable employment.

We have a 90% success rate with our teens who graduate with us

The cost to sponsor a Teen Mentor per session is $1,600.00 .. there are 2 sessions per summer camp.

We are seeking companies that would like to make a commitment to sponsor this program for another 3 years

Community Service
- Earn up to 200 hours
- Presidents Award

Project Hawai'i Teen Mentoring Summer Camp

Teens are given the opportunity to work along side younger homeless children guiding them through daily activities. Both the teens and the little one's will gain self-esteem and life skills they need to succeed. Teens earn up to a 200 hour service certificate as well as the Presidents Award.

Leadership & Mentoring Workshops

Teens will attend 2 hour leadership and mentoring workshops throughout the summer program. Earning up to 4 certificates that can be used towards their educational goals.

   * Arts as Medicine

   * Discover Me

   * Acept, Adapt, Achieve

   * Teens Tool Box for Life

   * Being a Leader Everyday

Hawaiian Culture Lessons

Project Hawai'i Teen Mentoring Summer Camp

Teens will be immersed in the Hawaiian culture, living the values and learning traditional lifestyles passed down through the generations. Such activities include presenting their own Authentic Lu'au from learning the art of hula to making their own ti leaf hula skirts. Teens will also experience all different local favorites and learn to make their own lau lau (old style ways) for the lu'au graduation. From the fun of learning to surf, playing ukulele and participating in other local activities, teens will truly learn what it means to "Live Aloha"

Sponsor a Teens Success

Sponsor a Teen Today!!

Full 16 Day Sponsorship is $3,200.00

Our Full Budget is $96,100.00

Help us save paypal/credit card fees and mail your check to:

Project Hawai'i, Inc

Teen Mentoring Sponsorship

P.O. Box 1844. ~.  Kea'au, HI 96749-1844

Hawaiian Adventures

Island hopping is only the beginning of exploring the islands wonders from the Volcano to the Tropical Jungles, Waterfalls to Sacred Lands of Waipio Valley. Project Hawai'i Summer Camp teens will also aboard a dolphin snorkel cruise, learn about the ocean on the glass bottom boat, attend Germain's Lu'au and so much more.

Project Hawai'i Teen Mentoring Summer Camp

Want to Sponsor an Excursion or Lunch/Dinner?

Ready to Make a Difference in a Teen's Life?

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We invite the public to share their talents and host a Workshop, or provide a Cultural learning experience. We have opportunity on both the Big Island of Hawai'i, and O'ahu. Each workshop is approx. 2 hours. Guests will need to provide their own supplies/program needs.  On O'ahu workshops for 2017 will be hosted in both Kapolei and Wai'anae. On the Big Island workshops can be hosted in a Kea'au or  Honoka'a at our sleepover camp.

Volunteer with our Teen Mentors on either Big Island or O'ahu

Our teens have dedicated their summer to changing the lives of homeless children living in poverty. They spend their weekends fundraising, their week days working alongside their buddies to help them gain the life skills needed to succeed and break the cycle of poverty.

We believe they deserve some fun too; after all they are teenagers!!

Project Hawai'i Summer Camps mission is to enhance the lives of homeless keiki, you can make the difference!



If you would like to provide them a special treat, attend YOUR activity, or eat at your restaurant, please let us know.

In the past we have had these wonderful sponsors:

Hard Rock Cafe- Waikiki  Our Place for Burgers & Awesome Servers!!

Germain's Lu'au- The Best Lu'au on Earth  Don't miss this one

O'ahu Ghost Adventures  - We actually saw ghosts.

Glass Bottom Boat in Kona  - WOW, so educational

Magic In Paradise - Greatest Magic show on earth!! Gotta See

Body Glove Cruises  Teens Vote: Best Water Activity!!

 Moana Surf Rider - WOW! Mahalo, Best Meal of all time!!

Rum Fire Waikiki  - Teen Vote: Best Desserts Ever!!

Ultimate Burger in Kona  Can't beat Organic Home grown!!


          Wiki Fresh - Great Community Supporters                                         



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Project Hawai'i Summer Camp