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Edu-Camp Support Needs

Please NOTE: this page does not function on a cell phone

This page is designed to help YOUR GROUP choose how to support the needs of our camp. I have sectioned off areas of support and listed the items needed. 
PLEASE DO NOT just go out and buy these items. You must first INQUIRE if that is still available and then RESERVE that item(s). Otherwise we will have wasted efforts! 
I have set up Sign Up Genius for some areas, so click that button for what is most needed
Click a button below to skip to area you are most interested in
School Support
Teen Workshop
Teen Support
Cabin Support

Edu-Camp will host 24 little children from ages 3-7. 6-12 Jr. Leaders and 12-18 Teens and our volunteer staff. Please NOTE the (#) beside each item, as this will let you know what number of supplies needed. 

In order to sponsor an item you will need to provide ALL the items required. If you find that too much, you can make a monetary donation toward those items, or other support.

This page was not designed for individual donations. 


Cabin Support:
1. Cabin Rental Costs: $385. each/ $1,540.00 to sponsor all 4
2. Individual Hygiene Bags: (36) 
      Toothbrush, Wash Cloth, Small Toothpaste
3. Cabin Hygiene: (8)
      Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner
      Organic Pump Body Wash
      Hand Washing PUMP Soap
4. Bath Towels: (60)
5. Sleeping Bags Child Size (24), Adult Size (24)
6. Pillows and CASES: (48)
7. P.J's: (36) We will provide you with sizes/genders
8. Zip up Hoodie (light colors only) (24)
9. Reading Books: Preferably one for each child to take home, can be slightly used 
Project Hawai’i, Inc. summer camp for homeless keiki
Kitchen / Meal Support: 
Meal/Snack needs will be 48 each.
feed the homeless keiki
We are doing our best to PROVIDE ALL ORGANIC foods for camp. Fresh veggies/fruits when possible.
feed the homeless keiki
Current Shopping List for Big Island
Kitchen Support Needs:
  1. Electric Can Opener
  2. Hand/Dish Towels (10)
  3. Pot Holders
  4. Paper Plates (750)
  5. Forks (500)
  6. Spoons (500)
  7. Paper Towels (12 rolls)
  8. Clorox Clean UP Wipes
  9. LARGE ZIP LOCK baggies
  10. Plastic Storage Bowls w/lids
  11. Hand Sanitizer WIPES (15 containers)
  12. Avacodo or Coconut Oil
  13. Sea Salt, Organic Butter, Organic Ketchup, Mustard, mayo, pepper, garlic
feed the homeless keiki
Kitchen Meal
feed the homeless keiki
feed the homeless keiki
feed the homeless keiki Project Hawai’i, Inc.
feed the homeless keiki Project Hawai’i, Inc.
Activity Supply Support 
Popscicle Project Supplies
  * Popscicle Sticks
  * Foam Patterns
  * Paint Pens
  * Large Glue Dots
Project Hawai’i, Inc. summer camp homeless keiki
Suggestions of Activities We like to introduce the children to:

Aloha, for those who wish to host an activity, please inquire for the time slots open, etc. Otherwise, your donation of the needed supplies are welcome. Please let us know what you would like to provide, and we can give you guidelines to help make this successful for our volunteer staff and children.

* Science Day
* Music Exploration
* Arts/ Crafts
* Educational Learning 
* Tye Dye T-Shirts
* Costume/Theater
* Sock Puppets
* Dr. Suess Day
* Themed Hats, Crafts
* 4th of July Activity
Project Hawai’i, Inc. summer camp homeless keiki
Project Hawai’i, Inc. teen tours cultural learning
Graduation Ceremony
Please contact us for this years plans. Still not confirmed. 
Project Hawai’i, Inc. summer camp homeless keiki
Project Hawai’i, Inc. summer camp homeless keiki
Project Hawai’i, Inc. summer camp homeless keiki
Project Hawai’i, Inc. summer camp homeless keiki
Transportation Needs
Transportation is a crucial part of the overall success of this educational program. Most children will not have transportation to even the drop off location. Those families who do have vehicles will still not be able to transport their children without financial help. We are in the process of purchasing a 15 passenger van to help make this issue more stable.
  * Gas Cards in any amount (requested $20-$50 we can provide to the families to help with transportation
  * Transportation Support: $10 per child you would like to support
  * Provide a Monthly Payment towards our Van: $229.00
  * Help with Transportation Insurance Costs: $100.00
  * Companies who wish to have a SPONSORSHIP MAGNET, please visit our company sponsorship page
Project Hawai’i, Inc. teen mentors summer camp
Project Hawai’i, Inc. graduation homeless keiki
teen support
Teen Support Needs:
Teens have dedicated their summer to mentor these precious children. We like to reward them with awesome activities and meal experiences.
Would you like to sponsor?
  * Special Dinning Experience
  * Water Sport/ Adventure
  * Special Event, Movies, etc?
Teen Mentors Workshop/Activities
Teen Mentoring
back to school for homeless keiki
back to school for homeless keiki
Project Hawai’i, Inc. summer camp teen mentors hula
back to school for homeless keiki
Help our teens succeed! We are seeking the following workshops/activity volunteers:
 * Hula Lessons
 * Hula Skirt Making
 * Cultural Learing
 * Mentoring or Leadership Workshops
 * Team Building Activities
School Supply
Back 2 School for Our Homeless Keiki
We will provide you with the name, age and gender of a child to sponsor their backpack. Groups need to take 10 or more keiki
All NEW Backpacks will need to be filled with:
   * A full list of supplies (will be provided)
   * A new outfit (will provide size)
   * New pair of shoes and socks
   * $14. for two school t-shirt uniforms
   * $15. for their gym outfit (middle and high school) 
   * Zip UP Hoodie (will provide sizes)
Current LIST for Big Island
homeless keiki Project Hawai’i, Inc.
school tools for homeless keiki Project Hawai’i, Inc.
homeless keiki educational support Project Hawai’i, Inc.
Project Hawai’i, Inc. homeless keiki back to school
Donation Edu Camp
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