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Our Dream of a Forever Camp

We are so excited for the opportunity that has presented itself. The rental property we have been renting for the past years and dreaming that this could be ours has come true! We have the opportunity to purchase this site and call it our own.

What does this mean in the long run? 

  ~ This means we will no longer have to HOPE that we can find a rental to host our camp

  ~ This means we will no longer have to modify our dates, or shorten our programs due to the availability of a property or fight with the tourist dates

  ~ This means that the money we have been spending over the last decade and a half will actually be an investment towards the future camps and not just to rental prices. Over just the past ten years we have spent an estimated sum of $93,290. 


How will owning this program help our homeless children further benefit?

In addition to the programs we have been running, we could expand our programs in so many ways.

  1. Expand our jr. leader program to include a full week of sleepover with more workshops and training prior to the camp with the younger children.

  2. We could expand our teen mentoring program and open up to more enrollment

  3. Be able to host the STEM program that was offered to our agency but we didn't have the facility or funding for more rentals.

  4. Host more session of camp to accommodate more children.

  5. Implement a spring service week while school is out for our jr. leaders and teen mentors

  6. Host workshops and learning sessions over long school breaks

  7. We could grow our own garden and be more sustainable 

Other Uses for the property:

To help with the cost of running and maintaining the property, we have projections to allow this property to be self sustaining in the long run.

~This property is serene area with a tropical retreat feeling. It would be a wonderful place to allow other youth groups, clubs, programs to rent for their uses. 

~Open to partnering or working with a group  who would like to utilize the land for Native Hawaiian plants/food  

~ We will be expanding the kitchen area and building a larger multi-purpose room that could be turned into a full time afterschool reading and tutoring room, or used for workshops/classes open to the public or for our own programs to help the homeless children.

Quick Look: Project Cost Overview:

  • Cost of Property $380,000. list price plus closing cost $21,300. 

  • Annual Taxes/Insurance $8,800.

  • Renovations/new construction: 125,907.00


Sponsorship Opportunities 

As a donor, your investment is the stepping stone to these children's future that allows them to succeed. Our urgent funding need is $380,000.00 and our long term goal over the next 3 years is to raise $500,000.00 to complete our first phase of additions. 

To honor your amazing support we will be creating honorary plaques for our buildings, workshops, activity areas, etc.

Please join our journey and change lives.

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