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Project Hawai'i Summer Camp FAQ

Project Hawai'i, Inc., is a nonprofit organization run 100% by volunteers and solely supported by public donations. Our summer camp is offered free of charge to homeless and poverty stricken keiki ages 3-7 years, (or per discretion of our camp directors).

Please seek our frequently asked questions and answers below.


How can this program be successful and reliable if it is run 100% by volunteers?

​Project Hawai'i, Inc., is designed to run by volunteers who have dedicated their time to assure the over all success of the program. Because we do run by volunteers we are able to utilize all the funds to support the programs, such as our nutrition program, educational programs. Yes our volunteers work hard, spend countless hours preparing for programs, and seeking donations. If you ask the director why she does this, she will respond, "it is my kuleana, what I was born to do". Ask others and they will say it is the most rewarding and life changing volunteer position they have encountered. That is how is so successful


What type of Volunteer opportunities are available?

Project Hawai'i, Inc. offers several volunteer opportunities, from guests to share their talents, full time cabin support, or even those who wish to conduct a collection to help with supplies. We offer so many different ways to make a difference. Please look over the volunteer application.

We do have some restrictions for those who wish to work hands on with the children at the camp.

Some examples are groups, clubs, families, etc. Other examples are off island minors, or interns, etc.


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