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  Happy Campers

Welcome to Polly Davis' Mission to Hawai'i

Polly Davis is going to be an intern this year at Project Hawai'i Summer Camp for Homeless children on the islands of Hawai'i.

Her role is a vital part of the over all success to Project Hawai'i Summer Camp, as well as an important part of her college educational requirements.


While Polly is here volunteering at Project Hawai'i summer camp, she will be responsible for assisting with the over running of the camp, caring for the homeless children and helping to implement the educational and athletic programs for these poverty stricken children.


Her 2 week program is a once in a lifetime experience that will not only enhance the lives of homeless children and get them off to a wonderful new start, but will help Polly with her own educational progress.



You can make the Difference!!

Your sponsorship is tax deductible, and will benefit the homeless keiki (children)

summer camp

Here is how to make a sponsorship donation to help our summer camp succeed.

1. Choose your level of support.  (All companies will have their names/links on our websites.)

2. Send your donation to Project Hawai'i, Inc. P.O. Box 140, Wai'anae, HI 96749. Please place a note in the envelop that this is part of Polly Davis fundraising efforts. Mahalo    (or can be given to Polly Davis)

   (online donations are also accepted, but our program has to pay the processing fees)



How YOUR Donations Make a Difference at Project Hawai'i Summer Camp:


          * $692.00 Provides a child with ALL their needs

          * $108.00 Provides a child with all their meals/snacks

          * $92.00 Provides a child with all their back to school needs

          * $50.00 Provides a sleeping bag/pillow and p.j.s

          * $25.00 Provides their hygiene bag for the cabins

over course all donations are welcome....Mahalo (thank-you) for your care and kokua (support)




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Help Homeless Keiki

Please feel free to look over our whole website to truly see the difference your contribution helps us to provide a wonderful summer experience for these homeless children.

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