Back to School for Homeless Keiki.. You make the difference.. help them succeed and escape their cycle of poverty

Our GOAL: $67,800.00

to send 980 homeless children and 86 teens back to school prepared to SUCCEED!

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School Support Sponsorship Donations:

  • Backpack $25.

  • Basic School Packet $15

  • Hygiene Bag: $12

  • New Outfit: $25 - $50 for Teens

  • New Shoes: $20 - $40 for Teens

  • School Uniform T-Shirt: $7.

  • School P.E. Uniform: $15

  • Sponsor their Graduation Meal: $7.

$126. per Child/ $171. per Teen

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Please feel free to contact us to use any of our information or photos to help promote the awareness

and fundraising efforts towards our programs. All fundraisers will need to sign an agreement form.

It is UNLAWFUL to conduct a fundraiser and then not give donations to Project Hawai'i, Inc. It is punishable by law

and we do report to the General Attorney of Hawai'i

Please note: We are only seeking those to participate in this program for the sake of the children and from the heart. If you feel you will need something in return, or plan to use our program as a stepping stone to your betterment, we are not interested in participating in your idea of "volunteering"

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Project Hawai'i Summer Camp

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homeless children in hawaii for back to school