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Welcome to Project Hawaii Summer Camp “Adventures Abound”

Our traveling adventure summer camp session provides the keiki with the opportunity to learn about our island with hands on experiences to excite their imagination.

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp offers our children a unique, and sometimes once in a lifetime opportunity to explore places of the island otherwise out of their financial reach. Our team of volunteers are dedicated to provide a well rounded educational program to involve as many of the islands' wonders as possible.

A fact that many people may not be aware of: Children growing up in poverty typically do not leave their small area of the island. (the beach, Keawe trees, mountain) They do not have the opportunities to travel and leave their small area to  learn about our wonderous island playground. One would think that because there are so many wonderful sights that are inexpensive, or "just down the road", these children would go. While it is hard to place blame, or to judge their parents, we look past what is their reality and help to break this cycle. It is not their fault they were born to this situation. So to help make the difference, we take them “where no one has gone before” (at least not our keiki).  

(an example of a teen who attended our camp. She stated that she didn't know there was a mall on her island. When she got her workers permit, she applied for several jobs...successfully working at a mall she never knew exsisted.)


Project Hawai'i Summer Camp "Adventures Abound"  is conducted over a two and half week period in July from 7:00a.m.-4:00p.m. Monday-Thurs.


Local Businesses want to open your place up to us? or provide our lunch?

We open this opportunity up to the community to make YOUR place of interest open to our keiki. Not only will you be put on our famous camp t-shirts, websites and newsletters, but you will help to end the cycle of poverty mind frame in a group of homeless children forever!!             and it is all tax deductible.


Project Hawaii Adventures Abound Day Camp

Help Homeless Keiki

How to Sponsor Us.

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp Adventures Abound inclueds field trips, and we are open to invitations, and we always do our best to secure the best prices or FREE admissions for our keiki. Field trips are added, taken off, or changed annually depending on financial need. Mahalo Plenty.

We are seeking partnerships with local companies to assure the over all success of this once in a life time experience for these poverty stricken keiki.        A full sponsorship is $2,000.00 per child.

Some Examples....

Tide Pool Exploration

Our Tide Pool Exploration needs the following Sponsorships:

* Swimsuits (all girls/boys need to be the same)

* Swim Shoes (rubber soul water shoes)

* Beach Towel

* Sunscreen

* Lunch/Snack Sponsor

* Transportation Costs

Groups, clubs, companies, etc can set up a drive, or make a donation towards the purchase/costs.  

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp for Homeless Keiki

Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo Field Trip needs the following Sponsorships:

* Entrance per child/teen $4.00/$8.00

* Lunch at the Snack Bar $6.50 per child

* Snack Sponsors

* Transportation/parking costs

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp for Homeless Keiki


Mini Golf

Our Jungle River Mini Golf is so much fun!!

Sponsors needed for:

* Entrance Costs $4.00

* Lunch/Snack Sponsors

* Transportation Costs

* Ice Cream Bar ($1.00 each)

Lunch/Snack sponsors can bring the meals to the mini golf center in Pearl Ridge at noon.

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp for Homeless Keiki


Project Hawai'i Summer Camp

Waikiki Aquarium

Sponsors needed for:

Entrance Costs $5.00/$8.00

Lunch/Snack Sponsors

Transportation Costs

Lunch/snack sponsors can bring the meal/snack to the Aquarium or we LOVE Teddy's Burgers ($6.50 per child)



These children have NEVER seen a real movie on a big screen, have never experienced what most children take for them have childhood experiences. 

What do they learn going to the movies? They learn to listen to rules, behave properly, wait their turn, stand in line, don't talk during the film, restrain their impulsiveness...none of which they learn living in their tents...

$10.50 entrance

$8.50 kids meal

Lunch Sponsorship, we can accept gift cards from Moe's Southwest, Taco Bell, Panda's, Teddy Burgers, Pizza Hut, or Jamba Juice.

Gift cards need to be $6.50 each, and need to be all from the same place.

Movie Tickets need to be Regal 

More About Camp...

During Project Hawai'i Adventures Abound day camp, our keiki are also participating in our circle time getting ready for the field trip of the day after breakfast. They will make journal entries and work on reinforcement projects for the day at hand. We have a “THEME” snack or lunch for every day planned, which in itself is a process that we would love a volunteer to take on for us.

Volunteers are welcome to help chaperone the tour, transport, and help with the meal prep. We provide Breakfast, Lunch and afternoon Snack.  Keiki are also provided with all their needs for the activity at hand, including swimsuits, water shoes, sweatshirts, camp t-shirts, towels, etc. Your Kokua (support) is welcome.


All Donations are Tax Deductible

Want to set up a drive for the daily needs? Contact us for a list of supplies to choose from.

Please include your name, mailing address, and a description of what you are interested in helping with. The more details the better. Mahalo

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp

Help Homeless Keiki


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Project Hawai'i Summer Camp