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Project Hawaii Teen Mentoring Summer Camp
Celebrating our 18th Year 

Project Hawaii Summer Camp

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help the homeless children succeed by providing interactive programs in a healthy environment over the summer months. Our goal is to provide these children with the social and life skills to succeed in school. Building their self-esteem and opening their minds to the world of opportunity around them. 
What's NEW for 2024 ? 
  1. We are going fully ORGANIC. Our goal is to be 100% organic. Want to host a fundraiser or drive?

  2. We are expanding our Teen Mentoring Opportunities 

  3. We are building Challenge Teams in the community to reach our goals to make this camp a success!  Join Today!!

  4. Expanding our Jr. Leader program Pilot Project 

We keep to our mission and help them succeed because of YOUR SUPPORT!

Run 100% by volunteers and Solely Supported by public donations

Welcome to Project Hawai'i Summer Camp

Please feel free to join our journey as we change the lives of these precious homeless children....

This program is the backbone to the children's overall success. At this camp children learn the social and life skills needed to succeed in school. Beyond what our annual outreach provides, these children are able to learn and practice their skills before returning to school.

This leads to a successful school year and eventually graduation!!  We have a 90% success rate of teens leaving our programs with high school diplomas and going on to higher education or training.

Project Hawaii Summer Camp, help homeless keiki, sponsor a homeless keiki, volunteer with homeless keiki, donate to homeless keiki

Overview of our 3-8 Youth Educational Camp

Project Hawaii Teen Mentoring Summer Camp, Help Homeless Keiki

Project Hawai'i Educational Summer Camp provides homeless and poverty stricken children with exciting and interactive encounters that will open up the world around them. These activities would otherwise be outside of their financial reach. All campers will have hands on experiences that will enhance their appreciation for, and understanding of their environment, community and Hawaiian culture. We support a well rounded educational program that gives these children the hope they deserve!             We fill their hearts and minds with a positive outlook of their own self-worth!

Furthermore, our camp is designed to allow the children to escape their everyday troubles in a safe and serene environment. We provide them with basic life skills to help them keep clean and healthy.  By introducing them to various arts, music, cultural learning and other activities we keep their minds active and growing. In addition, our field trips are designed to teach them the proper life and social skills to succeed in school. These keiki WILL gain self-esteem beyond comparison and be ready to face their world once they return "home".

Our camp is offered free of charge to children between the ages of 3-8. We have different levels of support for 3-5 and 6-8 year olds

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp truly provides these precious children with the hope of a better tomorrow, pride in being prepared for school and the

social skills to make new friendships.  (more details below)

help homeless keiki, project hawaii, summer camp, sponsor a homeless keiki, volunteer with homeless keiki
Help Homeless Keiki, Project Hawaii Summer Camp, Sponsor a homeless keiki, volunteer with homeless keiki, donate to homeless keiki

Project Hawai’i developed a jr. leader program in 2015 in part to the success we were having with our keiki development from the beginning. Children were aging out of our programs and getting lost in the important development years. Those that demonstrate the will to succeed will be chosen to return as jr. leaders. 

Our program helps develop the skills of becoming leaders of self. Learning to be responsible and awareness of their actions in their own lives. The jr. leaders are paired with a teen mentor and assigned to work hands on with the younger children at camp. They will help guide the little one's through activities and help where needed. This has been so successful during our 5 year pilot program that it became a regular program. We are grateful for the start up funding awarded  by HPE Drive for Success Award.

For 2021, The Shane Victorino Foundation provided a jump start grant to open our Jr. Leader program to Mau'i.


Our award-winning Teen Mentoring Program allows for the little ones that grew up in the program return back as mentors. This program is not open to just any teen! It is a privilege they earn by maintaining good grades, participating in extracurricular activities or sports. Teens will attend "teen weeks" for mentoring and leadership workshops and training. Teens will then attend camp and work with the jr. leaders and help maintain the camps focus and mission. Our program helps these teens break their cycle of which they were born. Our teens graduate from high school and go on to higher education. They will earn the President's Award, completion certificates and community service that can be used towards grants and college awards. This is an earned program! 

Keeping Our Keiki Clean and Healthy

Since Project Hawai'i Summer Camp is a dedicated to the healthy growth of our homeless children's bodies and minds during camp, we adhere to a strict healthy meal plan. We provide the children with 3 nutritious meals and 2 healthy snacks daily. We believe the children of today will determine our tomorrow. We instill healthy habits to help them grow and escape poverty. Statistics show that all children will regress over the long summer break, but those living in poverty, lacking proper nutrition and mind stimulation, will regress an entire school year. Project Hawai'i Summer Camp nutrition program plays a huge role in the overall success of their growth.

Our main MEAL volunteer staff is all certified in food safety, meal preparation and child nutrition to assure all our meals are healthy. We also do our best to provide fresh ORGANIC fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, whole grain sprouted breads and more. We do our best to train these children to stay away from foods that will harm their growth, limit their rice intake, and hopefully they will choose the healthier alternatives as they grow older.  We are 90% organic & NON GMO!!!

We strive to continue these habits with our hygiene and cleaning products. We have natural organic bathing supplies, use healing oils, and a natural cleaning products when ever possible.


Help Homeless Keiki-Sponsor Today!

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Overview of Project Hawai'i Summer Camps
on Mau'i,  Hawai'i Island and O'ahu
Project Hawai’i, Inc.

Contact Us:

Project Hawai’i, Inc. 

P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au, HI 96749

(808) 987-6018


Maui Jr. Leaders


Project Hawai'i Summer Camp is expanding to Maui this year and will be starting off with our jr. leader program. We decided to start off with the most vulnerable age group. This program will provide leadership workshops, cultural lessons and of course amazing adventures across Maui.

Big Island Edu-Camp

Project Hawaii Summer Camp

Project Hawai'i Summer Camp provides a combination camp of Adventures Abound and Sleepover camp open to poverty stricken children across the island. We sponsor a whole week at Kalopa State Park with graduation lu'au to follow.

Help a Homeless Child Today

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Project Hawaii Field trip to the Honolulu Zoo

We provide two weeks of field trips and educational programs for the homeless keiki who live along the Wai'anae Coast. (our homeless keiki are unsheltered, living in tents, cars and other substandard structures along the ocean side.)

You can sponsor a homeless child today.


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Project Hawaii Summer Camp, Help Homeless Keiki,  Sponsor a homeless keiki, volunteer with homeless keiki
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